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4K Supply List


1 bottle of white glue, 4-oz.

1 box of crayons, 24 count

1 watercolor set, 8 color count

1 container of playdough (any color)

1 box of 10 assorted colored washable markers (pip-squeak preferred)

2 large box of facial tissues

4 glue sticks (jumbo size preferred)

1 water bottle (label with name)

Large backpack, big enough to hold a two-pocket folder (which we will supply) and snow pants for winter. Please avoid wheeled backpacks for safety reasons.

Extra set of clothing in a zipper storage bag with child’s name printed on the bag.

$40.00 student activity fee for the entire year. This covers a daily snack and a field trip. Please make checks payable to the "WSD 4K & EC Programs".